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Adobe Omniture Site Catalyst Bug (Discrepancy in current month and previous year)

Looks like Adobe Omniture Site Catalyst  has a bug where there is a Site Visit count discrepancy in current month and 52 weeks prior (previous year).

I am trying to create my own dashboard for site visits. So I am using the API to fetch the data off of Omniture.

There appears to be a discrepancy in current month and 52 weeks prior visit count.

Please see attached image file.

If I select current month as Sep-2012, it shows me that the visit count in Sep-2011 was 9474.
When I select Sep-2011, it shows me the total as 9898.

Why is it so? I get the same wrong data when I try to fetch it through API.
Though, if I do calculations of my own after fetching each day’s data from Omniture and run some SQLs, I get 9898 as correct and 9474 as wrong.

Looks like a bug….. I have logged the same question up on Adobe’s forum here… lets see what i get:

Omniture Bug - Umer Pasha

Omniture Bug – Umer Pasha



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