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Adobe Omniture Site Catalyst Bug (Discrepancy in current month and previous year)

Looks like Adobe Omniture Site Catalyst  has a bug where there is a Site Visit count discrepancy in current month and 52 weeks prior (previous year).

I am trying to create my own dashboard for site visits. So I am using the API to fetch the data off of Omniture.

There appears to be a discrepancy in current month and 52 weeks prior visit count.

Please see attached image file.

If I select current month as Sep-2012, it shows me that the visit count in Sep-2011 was 9474.
When I select Sep-2011, it shows me the total as 9898.

Why is it so? I get the same wrong data when I try to fetch it through API.
Though, if I do calculations of my own after fetching each day’s data from Omniture and run some SQLs, I get 9898 as correct and 9474 as wrong.

Looks like a bug….. I have logged the same question up on Adobe’s forum here… lets see what i get:

Omniture Bug - Umer Pasha

Omniture Bug – Umer Pasha



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Show emails in stock Android email client

Ok, finally I was able to show emails in stock Android email client, after 4 or 5 days of hit and trial. This is how you do it…

I recently switched from to

I have tested this on my HTC Sensation 4G running ICS

In stock android email client, create a new account for Exchange Active Sync.

Use \[address] for “domain” and “username” e.g. “\”
enter server as “”

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Test HTML5 compatibility.

Found this great site to check scores for your browser’s HTML5 compatibility. I use HTML5 extensively these days for mobile apps as well as everyday web programming and layouts. All scores are out of a total of 500. Check out

To keep cross browser compatibility is a great challenge though. Worse offender being Microsoft’s IE. I think it is downright irresponsible that the most used browser in the world comes out with the latest version that scores just 325. Relatively comparing, even my LG TV browser scores 290! It is a disgrace for IE 10!

This also shows why I am always rooting for Google Chrome as the best browser by far on almost any platform. It even beat Apple’s safari and iOS by a fair margin. Down below are the different scores I got for different browsers I have to use everyday to keep cross-browser compatibility issues at bay.

Dolphin HD on Android: 278
Firefox Mobile 14.0.1: 320
Opera Mobile 12.0 : 380
Chrome for Android 18.0: 380

IE 8: 42
IE 9: 143
IE 10: 325
Firefox 12.0: 339
Chrome 20.0: 427

iOS 6.0: 369
Safari 6.0: 384



Listing installed APKs in an Android system

Following code lists all the APKs installed in the Android System. I have checked this with ICS 4.0.1 and works fine. Pre-installed applications are in /system/app folder. User installed applications are in /data/app. Though this mostly works, user installed applications will probably only show up if you have a rooted device.

 public class Testing extends Activity {
    private static final String TAG = "TEST";
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        File appsDir = new File("/data/app");

        String[] files = appsDir.list();

        for (int i = 0 ; i < files.length ; i++ ) {
            Log.d(TAG, "File: "+files[i]);


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Publishing data from Omniture to Sharepoint 2010 using Power Pivot slice and dice features

Just started a new project to create a dashboard using Power Pivot for MS-Office 2010 and integrate a dashboard in Sharepoint 2010. The data is again coming from Omniture API Soap calls.

PowerPivot is a free add-in to the 2010 version of the spreadsheet application Microsoft Excel. It extends the capabilities of thePivotTable data summarisation and cross-tabulation feature by introducing the ability to import data from multiple sources. As such, PowerPivot falls under Microsoft’s Business Intelligence offering, complementing it with its self-service, in-memory capabilities.

Prior to the release of PowerPivot, Microsoft relied heavily on SQL Server Analysis Services as the engine for its Business Intelligence suite. PowerPivot complements the SQL Server core BI components under the vision of one Business Intelligence Semantic Model (BISM), which aims to integrate on-disk multidimensional analytics previously known as Unified Dimensional Model, or UDM, with a more flexible, in-memory “tabular” model.

As a self-service BI product PowerPivot is intended to allow users with no specialised BI or analytics training to develop data models and calculations, sharing them either directly or through SharePoint document libraries.


Publishing data from Omniture to Sharepoint 2010 using Power Pivot slice and dice features

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Microsoft announcing Windows 8 Mobile and abandoning its current users!

Announcing Windows 8 Mobile!

Wow! Talk about M$ screwing their users! Thankfully, I resisted staying away from Windows Phone. I know people who just got the Nokia Lumia…. and are now holding an obsolete device which is not upgrade-able to Win 8! and just a few days back I was complimenting M$ on their current streak of wise decisions…… looks like they are back with a vengeance 😛

SD card support? really? I have my android loaded with a 64GB card…. Win Mobile still supports 16GB??? really??? in this day and age??? To the cloud indeed!

720p?? Does that actually matter??? Its the pixel density that matters on smaller screens, not the resolution. No mention of pixel density.

Add to that…. a feeble app store missing all great apps and holding only 100K apps (out of which only 5% or so are worth a while…. forget even a penny price!) That is it I guess….. the death of Windows Mobile as a contender for one of top 3 Mobile OS…. and along with that they will take Nokia down!

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Using Adobe Omniture WebServices API in C# and showing data in Telerik grid and charts (Source Code included)

Here is the Source Code right up front: The C# Project File for Visual Studio 2008

If you have used Adobe Omniture Site Catalyst Web Services API, you will know what a hassle it is and how bad the documentation and technical support is. It took me a couple of weeks to reach this point. But that also included mastering a 3rd party grid and charting control from Telerik.

You will need to get a trial version of RadGrid from Telerik here which works for 90 days. You can also modify the attached code to just get the data and delete anything related to Telerik.

You will need to download MS Web Service Enhancement 3. You can get it here.

Make sure you get Web Service Access to the Enterprise API. Instructions are here.

You need to get your specific Site Catalyst WSDL. Here are the instructions. You will use this to add a web reference to your dot net project.

In the web.config, setup the SQL Server Connection String before running. I am storing the data I get from Omniture in SQL Server. I have not provided the SP code here. Mail me if you need help with that. You can remove all the SQL bits from code to not use that.

The project uses API 1.3 which is the latest as of now.

The project also shows getting custom conversion variables “eVar21”. if you are not using them, you can remove the code.

Some important links:

Getting started with Omniture API:

Reporting API Tutorial:

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Ode to Microsoft

Microsoft Surface is out! Personally I rate it higher than an iPad or any other tablet just for the fact that you can DO something with this. My biggest gripe about tablets was that it was only for watching cartoons on you tube… hence anyone over the age of 8 carrying one appeared weird to me 😛

Availability of dual and then quad core processors in cell phones blurred the line a little more between them. But I guess M$ is on the right path with this. It is more than a inefficient dumb tablet.

To be honest, we all love to whack M$ a lot… but over the past 4 years I have seen this company come out with really good ideas. From Windows Mobile to Kinect. Thankfully unlike Apple who make “appliances” for “mums”, Microsoft has stuck to cater for technically savvy people and keeping their systems relatively open (If you open a mail that says Shirley wants to hook up with you and contract a computer virus… that’s really not window’s fault!).

Some great ideas (SPOT anyone?) have not clicked with masses but this company knows how to take a hit. Gone are the days of BSODs and RRODs. Been using Win7 for over 3 years now without any slowdowns. Metro UI in 8 is fluid and fast in the final previews.

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There is a line in my document that I can’t delete because I can’t select it. How did it get there, and what can I do about it?

There is a line in my document that I can’t delete because I can’t select it. How did it get there, and what can I do about it?

Article contributed by Suzanne S. Barnhill and Dave Rado

Although there are other possibilities, most likely what you’re dealing with is the paragraph border that Word creates when you type three or more hyphens (-), underscore characters (_), equals signs (=),asterisks (*), tildes (~), or hash signs (#), and press Enter. By default these characters are converted to a thin, thick, double, broken, zigzag, or thick-and-thin border at the bottom of a paragraph.

To make matters more confusing, this border is applied to the paragraph before the one where you typed the hyphens, underscores, or equals signs.

To remove this “line,” select the paragraph above it and remove all the borders from it as follows:

  • In Word 2003 and earlier, go to the Format | Borders and Shading dialog, and click the preset picture for “None.” Alternatively, click the down arrow beside theBorders button on the Formatting or Tables and Borders toolbar and choose the last (No Border) option in the palette.
  • In Word 2007, on the Home tab, locate the Paragraph group. The bottom right button is the Borders button; click the arrow beside it and select No Border.
  • In any version, you can simply click in the offending paragraph and press Ctrl+Q, which resets the paragraph formatting to the default for the style (which doesn’t include borders). This, however, will remove any other direct paragraph formatting as well as the border.

Note: If you’ve pressed Enter several times trying to get rid of the line, you will merely have applied the border formatting to all the paragraphs you added, as well as to the original one. This won’t be obvious, because when several consecutive paragraphs have the same “Bottom Border” formatting applied to them, the border only appears below the last of them (Word takes “bottom” literally). So If you then remove the border formatting from the paragraph that has the line below it, the line will move up one paragraph. The trick is to select all the affected paragraphs and either press Ctrl+Q or choose No Border.

To prevent this from happening again, you need to disable “Automatic borders.”

  • In Word 2003 and earlier, go to Tools | AutoCorrect Options | AutoFormat As You Type and clear the check box for “Borders” or “Border lines” under “Apply as you type.”
  • In Word 2007, Office Button | Word Options | Proofing | AutoCorrect Options | AutoFormat As You Type and clear the check box for “Border lines” under “Apply as you type.”

It is a good idea to turn off most of the options on the “AutoFormat” and “AutoFormat As You Type” tabs of AutoCorrect Options. For more details, see “Word is always making changes I don’t expect. How can I get more control over my formatting?

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Twitter for Sharepoint FREE!

I worked on getting client’s twitter feeds onto their sharepoint based intranet site today. Turned out to be easier than expected. Especially since someone else took the time out to develop a very nice twitter webpart available for free here from Amrein.

The provided instructions are very clear, precise and easy to follow. Somehow, I found the manual installation to be easier than the automated wsp one! This is what it looks like:

This is what it looks like!

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