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Adobe Omniture Site Catalyst Bug (Discrepancy in current month and previous year)

Looks like Adobe Omniture Site Catalyst  has a bug where there is a Site Visit count discrepancy in current month and 52 weeks prior (previous year).

I am trying to create my own dashboard for site visits. So I am using the API to fetch the data off of Omniture.

There appears to be a discrepancy in current month and 52 weeks prior visit count.

Please see attached image file.

If I select current month as Sep-2012, it shows me that the visit count in Sep-2011 was 9474.
When I select Sep-2011, it shows me the total as 9898.

Why is it so? I get the same wrong data when I try to fetch it through API.
Though, if I do calculations of my own after fetching each day’s data from Omniture and run some SQLs, I get 9898 as correct and 9474 as wrong.

Looks like a bug….. I have logged the same question up on Adobe’s forum here… lets see what i get:

Omniture Bug - Umer Pasha

Omniture Bug – Umer Pasha



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Using Adobe Omniture WebServices API in C# and showing data in Telerik grid and charts (Source Code included)

Here is the Source Code right up front: The C# Project File for Visual Studio 2008

If you have used Adobe Omniture Site Catalyst Web Services API, you will know what a hassle it is and how bad the documentation and technical support is. It took me a couple of weeks to reach this point. But that also included mastering a 3rd party grid and charting control from Telerik.

You will need to get a trial version of RadGrid from Telerik here which works for 90 days. You can also modify the attached code to just get the data and delete anything related to Telerik.

You will need to download MS Web Service Enhancement 3. You can get it here.

Make sure you get Web Service Access to the Enterprise API. Instructions are here.

You need to get your specific Site Catalyst WSDL. Here are the instructions. You will use this to add a web reference to your dot net project.

In the web.config, setup the SQL Server Connection String before running. I am storing the data I get from Omniture in SQL Server. I have not provided the SP code here. Mail me if you need help with that. You can remove all the SQL bits from code to not use that.

The project uses API 1.3 which is the latest as of now.

The project also shows getting custom conversion variables “eVar21”. if you are not using them, you can remove the code.

Some important links:

Getting started with Omniture API:

Reporting API Tutorial:

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