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Simplest Phonegap Barcode reader example

Created a small app last night to read barcodes.


Nothing fancy. Just a button to invoke the barcode reader camera and then returns the barcode number along with the barcode standard.


You can get it here:



Checked on iPhone 5S and Android Kit Kat.


I am only using an html file and a js file along with the config.xml.


You can get the code from my github repository. You can remove the resource files from config.xml. I just got it from the base template.




  1. To add the plugin , in Config.xml you need to have:

<gap:plugin name=”com.phonegap.plugins.barcodescanner”/>


  1. Write the following javascript to listen for an event (button click) and then start the scanner


</p><p>var resultDiv;</p><p> </p><p>document.addEventListener("deviceready", init, false);</p><p>function init() {</p><p>               
 document.querySelector("#startScan").addEventListener("touchend", startScan, false);</p><p>               
 resultDiv = document.querySelector("#results");</p><p>}</p><p> </p><p>function startScan() {</p><p> </p><p>               
 cordova.plugins.barcodeScanner.scan(</p><p>                               function(result) {</p><p>                                               
 var s = "Result: " + result.text + "&lt;br/&gt;" +</p><p>                                               "Format: " + result.format + "&lt;br/&gt;" +</p><p>                                               "Cancelled: " + result.cancelled;</p><p>                                               
 resultDiv.innerHTML = s;</p><p>                               
 },</p><p>                               function(error) {</p><p>                                               
 alert("Scanning failed: " + error);</p><p>                               
 }</p><p>               );</p><p> </p><p>}</p><p> </p><p>