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SpeakToIt Android giving me issues!

So today, I installed SpeakToIt on my android phone. Supposedly its Android’s answer to Siri. Funnily…. it worked for a while and then just stopped. Showing me an error “I am not sure what happened but I will talk to my creators and they will fix it ASAP”. I tried everything….. force close, uninstall, reboot, cold boot……. everything with all different permutations!

Turned out, the problem was with Speech Synthesis that it made me install initially. I removed it…. and removed the 2 cache processes for it… and now it works fine. Well actually i am not sure…. but its one of the 2 things… either uninstall speech synthesis (SpeakToIt works fine even after I uninstalled SS, so it really cant be needed that much) or it was the cached process that needed to be closed. ¬†For that, go to settings, applications, SpeakToIt and click clear cache. Do the same for running processes.

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