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SpeakToIt Android giving me issues!

So today, I installed SpeakToIt on my android phone. Supposedly its Android’s answer to Siri. Funnily…. it worked for a while and then just stopped. Showing me an error “I am not sure what happened but I will talk to my creators and they will fix it ASAP”. I tried everything….. force close, uninstall, reboot, cold boot……. everything with all different permutations!

Turned out, the problem was with Speech Synthesis that it made me install initially. I removed it…. and removed the 2 cache processes for it… and now it works fine. Well actually i am not sure…. but its one of the 2 things… either uninstall speech synthesis (SpeakToIt works fine even after I uninstalled SS, so it really cant be needed that much) or it was the cached process that needed to be closed.  For that, go to settings, applications, SpeakToIt and click clear cache. Do the same for running processes.

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