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Ode to Microsoft

Microsoft Surface is out! Personally I rate it higher than an iPad or any other tablet just for the fact that you can DO something with this. My biggest gripe about tablets was that it was only for watching cartoons on you tube… hence anyone over the age of 8 carrying one appeared weird to me 😛

Availability of dual and then quad core processors in cell phones blurred the line a little more between them. But I guess M$ is on the right path with this. It is more than a inefficient dumb tablet.

To be honest, we all love to whack M$ a lot… but over the past 4 years I have seen this company come out with really good ideas. From Windows Mobile to Kinect. Thankfully unlike Apple who make “appliances” for “mums”, Microsoft has stuck to cater for technically savvy people and keeping their systems relatively open (If you open a mail that says Shirley wants to hook up with you and contract a computer virus… that’s really not window’s fault!).

Some great ideas (SPOT anyone?) have not clicked with masses but this company knows how to take a hit. Gone are the days of BSODs and RRODs. Been using Win7 for over 3 years now without any slowdowns. Metro UI in 8 is fluid and fast in the final previews.

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